Women, Weight Gain and Menopause – Part 1

Women, Weight Gain and Menopause


Here’s the truth, ladies….when considering weight gain and menopause, it’s all about caloric intake. I know, I know, millions of women will disagree. Hundreds of books and articles are going to tell you it is more complicated than that.


While I agree that for obese women, it is more complicated than that, for just plain overweight post-menopausal women, it isn’t rocket science.


Speaking of obesity, I have recently come across this article: “The Obesity Gene”. If you suffer from obesity, this might be worth looking in to.

Genetic Mutation Connected to Obesity, Insulin ResistanceAn Environmental Link To Obesity

Here is why I am writing about the truth of caloric intake. It is a well-known fact that after menopause, a woman’s metabolism slows down. Women do not need as many calories as they did before menopause. Those calories that used to get burned, no longer get burned. They stay in the body and get stored as fat.


This is anecdotal evidence, but very much worth considering, and I found extremely interesting.

About Caloric Intake

Friend #1- Age 68. She is in excellent cardio-vascular condition. She is a mad woman on a mountain bike. She bikes a hundred miles a week, at least. She also attends a weight-lifting class at the gym twice a week. She is a caterer, so she works with, and is around, food. She seemed to have that extra 15-20 pounds she could lose, but still looked relatively good.


Friend #2– Age 70. She lacks in being in good physical condition. I would consider her to be in about the average condition you would think a 70-year-old would be in, comparing her to other women her age, living in the U.S. The fact is, she could have taken better care of her physical health. Another fact is, she really wasn’t that much overweight. She had a large mid-section/abdominal area. It made her quite unhappy.


Friend #1 Story: Her upper-to-mid spine had deteriorated so badly, that she had a titanium spine replacement surgery. No mountain-biking for her for a few months. No exercise whatsoever. She needed to remain very still, while her spine healed. She was on pain-control medications, of course. The medications, and the pain that she had when they were not effective, caused her to lose her appetite.


With no exercise, and a severely limited caloric intake, she lost 23 pounds in 3 and a half months. Yes, some of that was muscle, because she had plenty of muscle to lose. I am still working on her fashion-sense, trying to get her to lose the mom-jeans and flaunt her new bod.


Friend #2 Story: With deteriorating hips, she opted too have two hip-replacement surgeries in 10 weeks. She was on pain-control medications, and she, too, lost her appetite. Though eventually she should be able to move better, thus having the opportunity to get her body stronger and in better shape, she reported to me that, again, with no exercise, no appetite and thus a severely limited caloric intake, she had lost 15 pounds to date. She is certainly happy about that!


I am not advocating to ignore or fore-go the health benefits of exercise for any person: man, child or post-menopausal woman. That would be silly. Everyone needs at least 45 minutes of cardio-exercise at least 3 times a week. Weight should never be any person’s sole concern. Overall health of the body (and the mind, but that is for another day…) should be of primary concern. Staying relatively physically fit is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, and what you gain from exercising is completely worth the effort.


I understand that I am only using two individuals to support my hypothesis. I believe that if one explored further, my hypothesis would play out as I have observed.


It’s about the calories.


Caloric Intake, Menopause and Weight Gain —  Please Read Part 2


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  1. Cathy Thomas

    I am a 58 year old woman who is having trouble loosing about 15 pounds . Before menopause it was fairly easy to drop the weight. I want to hear from woman like myself about how they implement the Plexus weight lose program. What do they take & how is their diet modified? I always say that “If hard work made you skinned, you couldn’t see me!” I am 5’9″ & weigh 170 pounds.

    Thank you for any advice,



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