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Anon- Wow amazing, yes these people are real some of them I have had the pleasure of talking to face to face and while the the proof is in the pudding so to speak let me tell you a little about myself there are some things that a person can not see with their eyes that only the person may experience when getting healthy for the first time… to see the changes in me we have to take a step back to observe my life from a much different angle. My story may enrage some of you and others it may inspire either way it is my story to share, please keep in mind I do have family and friends on here some that know some of what I am sharing here and others that are hearing for the first time. I have been slowly committing suicide for most of my life, maybe not intentionally but it is the truth. I was raised in a very loving intact family (my mom is beyond compare) (my father ex military and an excellent provider). I come from a family of obese and unhealthy lifestyles. Ridiculed for being fat and made to feel inferior due to my appearance. I can not even begin to describe what it is like being called a derigable before I even knew what one was…and if I had a penny for every time I heard you would be so cute if you could just lose weight I would be a millionaire today! But….my story isn’t about being the fat kid or the fat teen or the fat young woman. My story is about what happens inside the person the real damage at such a deep level that nothing and no one can heal or so I believed. When I was 15 I tried to commit suicide by overdosing on weightloss pills and aspirin; as you can see I was not successful. When I was 18, I was raped at college and was made to feel that I had done something wrong rather than that young man being punished the whole incident was swept under the carpet. I was ashamed and did not tell my family for years. That rape actually infected me with chlamydia, but because of how I was treated I was too frightened to go to the doctor afterwards and within a few years was sick more than well. I developed PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) I almost died and the excruciating pain I would often be told was in my head. That I was just imagining it. By this time I had endometriosis an autoimmune illness that causes pelvic pain that can only be diagnosed via laproscopy surgery. I also had hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). I was hospitalized more than well. I several surgeries for the endo during that time and still I survived. Two c-sections for miracle births of my amazing boys down the road and another autoimmune illness of Hashimoto thyroiditis (a thyroid disease that causes hypo and hyper thyroidism fluctuating from one to the other with no apparent signal of the switch) than in 2001 a terrible accident on my job that led to knee surgery, a spinal injury and a plethora of new ailments. I also had strange allergies to medications and even herbs. The year before I had taken an herbal phen phen weightloss supplement which stopped my heart and was pronounced dead in front of my 3 yr old son, he has his own demons because of it, but that is his story to tell not mine. 2001, I also had to have a full hysterectomy, I no longer felt like a woman! I would never be able to have children again although blessed beyond measure to have the two miracle boys I already had there was still a part of me that even if there were a remote chance was shattered the day I was told it was time. During surgery my endo was so progressed that my uterus had literally melted into my bladder well that would explain why I would suffer so terribly from incontinence that I would go through adult urinary pads very quickly. They thought I had MS (Multiple Sclerosis), Years and years of surgeries and autoimmune illnesses down the road takes us to 2010 Full thyroidectomy to save my life and another unfortunate accident the doctor clamped my brachial plexus nerve bundle during surgery. Radiation treatments and increases in medications, a life lost a long time ago I was only existing and the ones that suffered the most my boys because they had a chronically ill mom that rarely was able to do anything fun with. Fast forward to Nov 2013, I started Plexus Slim and Accelerator+ . The reason it is significant is not because I lost a large amount of weight although I do not weigh myself I am down two pant sizes and that alone is something to celebrate, but the true change the real change is happening within so deep so hidden that can not be seen. Today I am able to open bottles on my own, since starting the slim and xfactor, probio, biocleanse and fast relief nerve, I got myself up out of the floor the other day for the first time in years after falling, I had paralysis that is miraculously reversing to various parts of my body and for the first time since I was 19 I have not needed to wear adult diapers. I no longer have a hopelessness that this is all my life will be is days and days of feeling ill and fatigued with no pleasures other than the brave happy face I present to all that see me. Today I do believe that I am living and I am full of energy and hope and maybe just maybe I can finally dream again because I had forgotten what a joy it truly was to be alive!


April S. that After Having her Thyroid Radiated 7 Year ago her TSH was Out of Control. It was at Over 200 the Past 2 Years and Stayed There Even Though She was Maxed Out on Rx Meds…After ONLY 6 Weeks on Plexus it Came Down to 15!


In 7 weeks I’ve lost 23 pounds. That’s pretty awesome but it’s less the reason for continuing than my lab results. My thyroid got radiated 7 years ago and my levels immediately went out of control. My TSH a few weeks before starting Plexus was over 200, where it had been sitting for about 2 years while maxed out on meds. 3 weeks later it was down to 80. A week ago (6wks on Plexus) it was 15. My hair is growing again, blood pressure normal, digestive problems have cleared up, and liver and kidneys are much happier. Thanks to Plexus Slim I am healthier than I have been in longer than I can remember. The weight loss is just a bonus. I take the drink in the morning in about 2oz of water with 1 accelerator. After about 20 mins I start drinking water and don’t stop til I go to sleep. Roughly 1-1.5 gallons a day. I don’t exersize but I make better food choices and eat 4 small meals a day instead of 3 big ones. Plexus saved my life and even when I’ve lost all my weight, I’ll still continue for the health benefits.


It all started after battling Thyroid Cancer and having my thyroid removed back in 2003-2004, only a year later I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis. Then in 2006 I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis (Inflammation of the bladder) and in 2005 my gallbladder stopped functioning and had to be removed…I seem to be on a downward spiral of health issues!!

With No thyroid, your weight fluctuates and is difficult to control, I was able to somewhat stabilize my weight by eating low carb. In 2010 I had a significant weight gain for no reason, after talking to 3 of my doctors they said as you get older your metabolism slows down and you will have to exercise more…I was already walking 3-5x a week and working out with a Personal Trainor 2x a week with NO weight loss! I fired my Trainor, then my BFF introduced me to Plexus Slim in July 2011. In my first 8 days with just the Plexus Slim drink I Lost 6 lbs, (I was so skeptical I wouldn’t try any of the other products), then when I saw my miraculous weight loss I added the Accelerator, ProBio5 and BioCleanse…I not Only Lost 2 Dress Sizes in 60 days, but in ONLY 30 days I was Pain Free from Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis! For 7 long years I battled the symptoms of Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis with the needle like pain and numbness in my hands and feet, along with joint and muscle pain that would end with sleepless nights and bring me to tears…I would not take any Rx meds because of the terrible side-effects…Now, no more Rheumatologist doctor visits, All Natural Plexus instead!

Not only did I lose the weight, symptom and pain free from Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis for the past 2 years, but I sleep all night, my Cholesterol came down 25 points into normal range, I no longer have Rosacea which means no more Dermatologist visits and I have regained my Health and Energy that I had 20 years ago…I’m in the best health and shape of my adult life, and able to keep up with all 6 of my Precious Grandchildren…LIFE CHANGING Results!!

Oh, and when my ex-Personal Trainor saw my results, I signed him up as one of my Plexus Ambassadors!! Hehe!
Even my Endocrinologist who saw the difference Plexus made in my health and weight loss refer patients to me!


In June 2013 after Convention I added the New Plexus X Factor, it is doing for me what no other multi-vitamin has been able to do! I have seen improvement in my symptoms with Interstitial Cystitis (IC), my bladder has calmed down and I have no more spasms or pressure during the night. Also, I have seen at least half the hair loss, my hair and nails growing super fast and thick! That is truly Amazing, because for 10 years since I had Cancer and my thyroid removed I have struggled with hair loss. Dry skin is another symptom of thyroid issues, but since adding the X Factor, now my feet are softer with no drying or cracking…I’m so Thankful to God for bringing me these All Natural Products and giving me my life back!


I haven’t worked in 30 years and now that my hubby and I are empty nesters, I have been able to make Plexus my business, just recently promoting to “Ruby”…I don’t work Plexus I simply “Share” Plexus with all the Fabulous Health and Weight Loss Benefits! On this Plexus Journey, I haven’t only had my health restored, lost the weight, and able to help others do the same, but I also get paid while doing it…Amazing!!!

I’m passionate about these products, this wonderful company and helping others with their own Plexus Journey of Heath and Wellness!


~Angela A. I take my Plexus Slim and 1 accelerator at lunchtime along with my X Factor…My TSH levels have stayed the same in the past 2 years that I have been on Plexus…I have no thyroid due to thyroid cancer, but people who still have a thyroid the Plexus has helped some people to regulate their thyroid and wean off their thyroid meds…I suggest people to work with their doctor to check their levels.


Melissa P.- I have had a pituitary tumor and I had hyperthyroid so bad they had to kill my thyroid out with radiation then I was put on a high dose of synthroid medicine cause my thyroid no longer worked. Since on Plexus my medicine has been lower and my thyroid has started working better and my levels r all running good, my doctor said the Plexus is the only thing it could have been that helped me so I needed to keep taking it.


Chris M.- I have hypothyroidism as well. I have been drinking Slim for about three months. I just had my labs checked last week. My synthoid dosage was lowered. Will recheck in two months.


Jody I.- I have hypothyroidism and have been using Plexus since October, I am on the Slim, Accelerator,BioCleanse, ProBio5 and Xfactor. I have lost 10lbs 11″ and just received the results from my latest TSH testing and I am at 1.97, this is down from 2.93 last year at this time!

Debbie G.- I take the plexus accelerator and X factor. I have recently stopped taking my synthroid and will know how well it is working at my next visit which will be around April.


Tammy G.
I would like to share a little bit about my Plexus journey, I started taking Plexus about a yr. ago.. on and off and did not stick with it. I have Thyroid Problems, and was diagnosed with Diabetes, and struggled with my weight. I was taking 1000 mg of metformin, a day! As my sugar was not controlled it was in the 400’s YES I SAID ~~400’S~~ WOW.. and only by the GRACE OF GOD, I am still here. It has been over 6 months that now that i started back on plexus and have stayed with it every day.. no matter what..and now ~~~ I’m no longer on my Metformin~~~for my Diabetes any more and now my Sugar is anywhere from ~~~~
(99~~140 everyday)) it’s no longer in the 400’S, I also dropped about 40 LBS and counting! I JUST WANTED TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU’LL, this is where I’m at, and I still have a long way to go.. I may not be where i want to be at, but i am no long taking meds.. my numbers are good now.. and i am getting healthier from the inside out.. so with PLEXUS and a long with the Bio~Cleanse and the Probio5 is just helping all the way around! so, I say this to encourage you, don’t give up, stick with it and soon you will start to see results, maybe not as fast as you want it, but that is OK because the main thing is, your health first then the weight will come off! I believe in this product so much!


Leigh P.-
I started PLexus Slim on August 1 and i weighed 161 and was a sz 14 and now I am a sz 7 140 and I was on thyroid pills and since been taken off of them since taking Plexus Slim..I love the product I have so much more energy before I started I could barely get out of bed from feeling so fatiqued. I did not even have the energy to do house work and a friend told me I should really try Plexus Slim and I was like well it is really pricey and not quite sure how I could afford it and really 1 drink a day would help me have mre energy and help me to lose weight? I was like yeah right…well when I got worse and worse I just bit the bullet and ordered a set of the slim and accelerator and I lost 14 punds my first 14 days and by my first 3 days of using it I was out of bed and cleaning the house and rearraging closets and everything..and God has truely blessed me beyond measure now with these amazing products as when I first ordered Plexus I had no interest in becoming a ambassador but when my friends and family saw me out and about and I was bubbly with lots of energy and all the pounds I was losing they came flocking to me to ask what I was doing and I told them all about Plexus…well then my best friend was like you may want to rethink about selling it as if you could possibly get enough commision to pay for your own it is worth it..So thats what I did I signed up and now I am able to pay my car payment each month with my plexus check I receive. The money is not the reason I sell it though, if I can help one person to get into better health and help them to feel so much better about them self then thats the blessing for me. Because I know where I was when I had not started Plexus Slim yet I felt horrible about my self, I felt terrible from feeling sick and awful all the time.
Plexus saved and has changed my life, I am so grateful to this product as it has given me my life back. I am living proof that this product really does work as I have not been a sz 7 in over 10 years and I had tried everything.


Linda T.- I take Levothyroxine and was unable to lose weight for 2 yrs… no matter what I did, I’d lose a little and gain it right back. Since taking Plexus (6 wks) I’ve lost 16 lbs. Also when I started taking Levothyroxine I began to have a lot of joint pain in my hips and knees and felt like I was 80 yrs old at times. All of that is gone! Plexus has been a God send for me! I’m still taking Levothyroxine, but hopefully on my next check up I can come off that med.

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