Multiple Sclerosis ( ms )

Plexus Slim Multiple Sclerosis ( ms )

Scarlett W. Shares Her Mom’s Amazing Testimony that even after multiple Rx meds, therapy and exercise to regain mobility on her left side from Multiple Sclerosis (ms), she had no movement on that side of her body, but after being on Plexus Slim for less than a month, she has started moving her finger and toes!

I am writing this to share my mom’s journey with Plexus Slim. About a month ago my mom started Plexus Slim not only for the weight loss but hoping to find some relief with her Multiple Sclerosis. For about five years now, my mom has been struggling with ms, which has left her with no feeling or movement in the left side of her body. She has been prescribed multiple medications to relieve the side effects of this disease, as well as to help with pain. She has also has been through multiple therapies and exercises to help improve mobility, with no success. After my mom started the Plexus Slim about a week into the month supply, she was feeling more energized and mobile, which was an exciting plus! About three nights ago, almost at the end of the first month, my mom was lying in bed and as a normal “ritual” she would relax completely and try to move the left side of her body. For many years nothing would happen… Yet this night something did! She was able to slowly move her big toe, as well as, her pinky and ring finger… I know these are small accomplishments, but to be able to move something on that side of her body was absolutely amazing!! I am sharing this in hopes that maybe my mom’s little story and accomplishments will help someone or inspire them to try Plexus! I do feel like this is a miracle product… and I can’t wait to see what else it does for her Multiple Sclerosis symptoms and how it improves her life! Scarlett Shared her mom is taking the Plexus Slim pink drink and 1 Accelerator pill.

Plexus Slim Multiple Sclerosis ( ms )

Tera shares how because of multiple sclerosis, she was on up to 28 pills a day and a Shot…In ONLY 2 Months is Down to 1-2 Pills and NO Shots!

I have Multiple Sclerosis and was previously on 5 different meds just for ms that consisted of a total of 24-28 pills a day depending on how I felt as well as a shot in the leg every day. I also have Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn’s disease, migraines and chronic pain syndrome not to mention have had 17 major surgeries (to include 4 lower back surgeries). I was on a total of TWENTY-TWO different prescriptions for numerous things previously mentioned along with depression and anxiety. I started Plexus Slim in mid-November and as of today I only take 1-2 pills at night and occasional Xanax for certain situations! People with Multiple Sclerosis, RA and/or Fibromyalgia usually have “episodes” where they can’t walk or even get outta bed for days. I had those days that turned into weeks in the past few years.
Since starting Plexus Slim, I have been so much better! I have energy during the day and into the evening that I never thought was possible. Plus I’ve lost 21 pounds and lots of inches (it’s about time I measured again)!! It’s very difficult to explain to someone that doesn’t have ms or fibromyalgia that we AREN’T lazy…..our bodies simply do not have what it takes to get up and move.
I even got my husband drinking the pink drink about a month ago because he saw how well it has helped me. He was old school and military and thought everyone should just eat three good meals a day and exercise and that would just do it! Plexus Slim has changed that for him and even he has lost a jean size in just a month and I can feel a difference in his sides. The relief I have with Plexus Slim from my multiple sclerosis symptoms is amazing.

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