Menopause and Weight Gain – Part 2

Menopause and Weight Gain – Part 2

When it comes to menopause and weight gain, if you choose to lower your caloric intake by cutting out your nutritious food choices, I will write the obvious and strongly suggest you do not do that. However you chose to cut your caloric intake, it is recommended that you add a multivitamin, daily.

Plexus Products include a multivitamin labeled Plexus X-Factor. You can read more about this unique, proprietary blend by clicking this link here:


If you agree with my conclusion, then I am going to give you a quick rundown of a couple of issues and the Plexus Products that may help.

Here is another total, absolute, undeniable truth. I love to eat. I love food! I eat for emotional comfort.


I wish this wasn’t so. Because of this undeniable truth, there are going to be issues that arise, in attempting to lower caloric intake, to lose weight.


I have carbohydrate cravings. Salty, crunchy, savory, sweet…. I am not biased. Just give it to me. Plexus offers a product labeled ProBio5. This is a Candida yeast cleanse. Candida is what can create these weight-loss-sabotaging cravings. Read more about ProBio5 by clicking the link below:


You know what a happy day is for me? Truth— I am so busy, I don’t get hungry and I forget to eat. I always eat breakfast, which always includes a protein. But after that, when the evening rolls around, and I haven’t eaten much, maybe a snack or very small lunch, I am thrilled! This doesn’t give me a license to pig out at dinner time, though.


What about the days when I am remembering I want to eat every 20 minutes? Ugh. This is where we get to the issue of appetite suppressants. My previous experience with appetite suppressants has been very negative. Having the “jitters” would be putting it mildly.

Plexus Slim, the pink drink, has, as one of it’s many ingredients, a most-natural variety of plant-based appetite suppressants. I have found that it gently suppresses your appetite with none of the negative effects of the usual suppressants I find in stores.


Plexus also offers, as an addition to the Plexus Slim pink drink, two companion products. The first one is Accelerator+ and the second one is a new product called Boost. They are to be used along with Plexus Slim drink.


I have been using Plexus Boost for six weeks, and I started noticing a change in my eating habits after about three weeks. At this time, I think Boost is working wonders for me! True thing— I am not thinking about food, and I am not consuming nearly as much food, and I am not stressing out about where and what my latest/next food-fix is coming from.


In short— if you are a women who has gone through menopause and weight gain was the result, lowering your caloric intake will get you to lose weight fast. Cleansing Candida from your body will help you loose the carbohydrate cravings, which will help you eat less. Finding the right appetite-suppressant will help you take in less calories, which makes losing weight that much easier.

Exercise is always valuable, but when it comes to menopause and weight gain, it’s time to take your caloric intake seriously.

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