Is the hcg diet a Valuable Weight Loss Program?

 Here is my personal experience with the hcg diet. In 2007, I hit the wall, as far as my weight gain was concerned. I was 51, I had just entered menopause, I had gone on a cruise with my daughter, and after taking one look at a photo of myself from the trip, I was just d-o-n-e.

 I think that the being -done, finished, finito, fed up, end of the line, this is going to stop right now- mind-set, is the most important part of losing weight. “Eff It. Enough.” If you have reached that point, you will have the willpower it takes to lose the weight.

 And, oh please, I don’t want to hear about how weight loss doesn’t take willpower. Baloney. When you choose not to put that cookie in your mouth, even though it is sitting there, all perfect and yummy, begging you to do it, and you pass it up, that is willpower. Every moment of every day is a challenge to your weight loss willpower.

You need all the help you can get.

 What Happens When You Choose the hcg diet

 I went to a doctor-sponsored diet center I found online. They advertised that they provided a hcg diet program, and after investigating, I thought the hcg diet, with injections, would be the right action for me. Yet right out of the gate, the doctor was upfront and completely honest about weight loss. If I wanted to lose weight, taking hcg would boost my metabolism, and help me shed the pounds much faster, but I was going to have to change the way I ate, forever.

 I will post the new way of eating in another article, but I am sure you all know the drill. Say good-bye to bad carbs.

list of good and bad carbohydrates

No more flour, rice, potatoes. No more starchy or fried foods. No pizza, pasta, tortillas, bread, french fries, cake, cookies, candy….no more mashed potatoes! Thank goodness I had hit the wall, because until that time, I could simply not fathom making such a drastic change in my life. I was perfectly aware that I needed to give up those things, which is why I kept gaining weight, because I was unwilling to do so.

Until I was.

Hcg diet results

There are two issues with the hcg diet that I should make note of. The first is that I did not have a 500-calories-a-day meal plan. I would think that anyone who only ate 500 calories a day would lose weight, no matter what. I also do not believe that it is a very healthy choice. The second is that I did not use oral hcg. My doctor said definitively that drops do not work. Opinions may vary.

I began and stayed with the hcg diet program for 4 months. In those 4 months, I lost 28 pounds. I am five feet tall and light-boned. That 28 pounds is about 50 pounds on a regular-sized woman. I was thrilled!

I went on the “maintenance-for-life” way of eating after that. I did not want to gain any weight back, but I wasn’t in “weight loss mode” anymore. I have stayed in that mode of eating ever since. I have gained a few pounds over the years, but most people think I look just fine, even slender. (Of course I don’t think so. I am a woman, and ever so hyper-critical about my appearance…I think that is called vanity…)

Since you are at my Plexus Slim website, you can see that I promote Plexus Slim as a weight loss product. (My site is also heavy on the wellness-aspect of the benefits of Plexus Slim…see Wellness Testimonials here.)

Hopefully you have cruised around my site and are familiar with what the Plexus Products offer.  If not –  get on it! OK, fine, I will give you the short version – Plexus Slim is an all-natural, plant-based powdered drink, developed for diabetics, which was found to have, among many other beneficial “side-effects“, the side-effect of easy and fast weight loss, for SOME people. I am emphasizing “some”, because every body reacts differently to Plexus Slim, and some results are better than others.

So, is the hcg diet effective?

Yes. But you have to consider the cost, which varies depending on your location, and the time you put in to going to your diet center or clinic for the injections, the weigh-ins, the classes, etc., Who has time for that in this day and age? I can tell you with certainty that trying Plexus Slim-pink-drink-that-makes-you-shrink-and-puts-your-body-back-in-sync is less expensive, month-over-month, than the hcg diet program, and is far less time-consuming. I mean, mixing a pink powder in a glass of water and drinking it?

Does it get any easier? hcg diet or Plexus Slim drink, you decide.


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