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Tara B. -my husband has lost 30 lbs on Plexus Slim and his high blood pressure symptoms have eased and just recently had his high blood pressure meds cut in half.

Elizabeth M.-  I had high blood pressure and no longer take meds thanks to Plexus Slim. I have had no trouble with the accelerator. No matter the medical diagnosis or medicine the customer is on ALWAYS recommend them seeing their doctor prior to starting.

Laura O.- Of course I’ve lost weight with Plexus Slim (58 lbs in 5 months) But that is the least of the benefits I get 95% Less Migraines. My hair is healthier. My moods are dramatically better. My High Blood Pressure is down I feel rested and good 80% more of the time. I eat healthier, not because I have to, because I want to. I have no craving for the junk food /empty calories anymore. I eat 1/3rd what I used to and still feel full. I don’t get the tummy aches I used to get all the time. I have not had any spells or brain freezes since I started. I have not drank a drink of soda of any kind, not because I can’t but because I don’t ever crave it. I used to take caffeine pills to stay awake but because of the Slim and Xfactor I still have the same bottle I bought almost 6 months ago. I crave water more now. I brush my hair after shampooing my brush isn’t full of pulled out hair and most of this is happening to my hubby too (he is bald) It is truly a miracle!It is more than just weight loss. Plexus Products are all they are cracked up to be and more!

Frances Shares How She is SO Happy With Plexus…In ONLY 8 1/2 Weeks, She is NO Longer Taking Rx Meds for High Blood Pressure, NO Heart Meds (OFF of 2 Different Kinds) and is Down from 4 Diabetic Meds to 1 a Day! Oh Yes…Frances Has LOST 34 Lbs and 19 Inches!!
This is my Plexus Slim Journey… I started it 8 1/2 weeks ago. In this short time I have lost 34 pounds and 19 1/2 inches… I was on high blood pressure pills, cholesterol pills, 2 different heart meds, and diabetic medication. I now am off all of those medications except I only one diabetic pill a day when I used to take 4 a day. My sugar levels are very normal, my cholesterol is very good, and my high blood pressure is much improved. Since I lost that weight I am healthier than I was 8 1/2 weeks ago. I am so happy and now I am looking forward to getting new clothes to fit my slimmer body. I am still planning on losing about 15 to 20 more pounds and I am confident that I will as long as I keep taking my Plexus Slim & Accelerator. I also take 4 Bio Cleanse a day and 2 ProBio5 at bedtime. I am so happy with the results in a short time and I am telling my friends about Plexus Slim..

Erika Said, I’m Glad I Stuck With Plexus…One Year Made a HUGE difference in My Life! Plexus is Definitely Changing You From the Inside Out…My Blood Pressure is Normal Now, Sleeping at Night is No Longer a Problem and Anxiety is Under Control! Because She Has Regained Her Health…No More Doctors Visits or Rx Meds! Also, Erika LOST 32 lbs From a Size 13/14 to a Size 5/6!

This is what one year of Plexus has done for me. Today makes a year that I started my first pack of Slim/Accelerator. My journey was not as easy as others. It took me four months of treating candida before I actually got the results I was looking for. However, the non scale victories is what kept me going strong. I was like a guinea pig for high blood pressure meds prior to discovering Plexus Slim. Thankfully my former high blood pressure is normal now and I no longer have to take those meds that have numerous side effects. Sleeping at night is no longer a problem and my anxiety is under control. I have not been to the doctor for any illnesses because I have gained my health back. Currently down 32 lbs and went from a 13/14 to a size 5/6
For everyone that wants to throw the towel in and give up after a month or two, please know that each person is different and whether or not you see a difference Plexus is definitely changing you from the inside out. I am glad I stuck with Plexus because one year has made a HUGE difference into life!

David Shares He Had High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Low Testosterone, Was Completely Lethargic, and Depressed…His Doctor Put Him on Phentermine to Lose Weight, but His Heart was Freaking Out and He Hated Every Minute of It! Then His Friend Introduced Him to All Natural Plexus…The Way He Sees it, Plexus Saved His Life!


I was 260 lbs, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Low Testosterone, and completely lethargic. My Dr. put me on Phentermine and while I did lose 20 pounds, my heart was freaking out and I hated every minute of it. I felt like garbage everyday and I stopped taking it. I started gaining weight back and I needed to something with my life and fast. I was utterly depressed. Thats when my personal friend introduced me to Plexus Slim. I started Plexus at roughly 245lbs and I just hit the 200 mark. My former high blood pressure is way down and although I still take medicine for it, I am on the lowest dosage. My cholesterol is awesome and I haven’t taken a testosterone shot in over 2 months. I feel GREAT. Plexus saved my life at least that is how I see it. Thank you Plexus Slim….

Shelbi Said After Rounds of Rx Weight Loss Meds With Their Scary, Damaging and Toxic Side Effects and Then Considering Lap Band Surgery, Her Doctor Shared With Her About Plexus…She Not Only Lost the Weight, But So far, She’s Lost 35lbs, 4 Sizes and Ton’s of Inches, She Sleeps Through the Night, Her Hunger, Sugar and Carb Cravings are Under Control, Tummy and “Lady” Issues are Non-Existent, No More Migraines and She’s Regained Her Focus/Concentration..And Rediscovered Her Self Worth All Thanks to Plexus!

After rounds of Rx weight loss meds with scary damaging and toxic side effects, I was within a couple of weeks of my 2nd consult for a Lap-Band although still saddled with high blood pressure, cholesterol, weekly migraines and whole host of other tummy, “lady” and sleep issues. My doc went out on a limb beyond her constraints and obligations to the drug company quotas, she shared results from another patient who brought Plexus to her to review. It’s changed my life to say the least. So far, I’ve lost 35lbs, 4 sizes and tons of inches, I sleep through the night, my hunger, sugar and carb cravings are under control, tummy and “lady” issues are non-existent, no more migraines and I’ve regained my focus/concentration. I’ve rediscovered my self-worth and I’m a better ME, mom, wife and friend. Thank you all for the courage to share my story‚ô•

Heather Tells How She Has PCOS and Endometriosis and Was Living Her Life in Pain, Until Plexus Changed All That! ~She is Now PAIN FREE and Blood Pressure is Down to NORMAL!

I started Plexus on August 26, 2013. Really skeptical but thought I would give it a shot. The first 2 days I could tell a difference in the way I felt. I have PCOS and endometriosis and have lived in pain from both for years. Getting up in the morning and not being able to stand up straight and not sleeping well because I could never find a comfortable position the pain was so bad. I’ve been on Plexus Slim, Accelerator and ProBio5 for 8 weeks now and I’ve lost 23 lbs and 27 inches (all over),  high blood pressure is gone-normal at 115/75 and the pain I was in is gone. I sleep good, get up from bed standing straight and have more energy than I have in years. I love it so much I became an ambassador 4 weeks after starting it. I’m not sure what I would have done without Plexus Slim because traditional diet and exercise alone was not doing it for me. I needed my body to be healthy so I can be a better caregiver to my husband and a good example to my 8 year old son. I’m so thankful for Plexus Slim and the blessing it’s been to me….health and financial.

Tom Threet Shares His Amazing Plexus Results! He’s OFF 5 Shots a day of Insulin and all His Rx Meds! Tom added, since this pic was taken:
I’m at 110 lbs lost and completely off all my med’s, High Blood Pressure, Insulin, Lipitor and Metformin!!!


Erin Shares ALL the Amazing Health Benefits and Weight Loss She is Receiving in JUST 30 days from the Plexus Products…Including No More Insomnia, Already Off One High Blood Pressure Pill, and Her Hand Swelling Has Disappeared the Very First Day of Taking the X Factor!

I was going to wait until 60 days on Plexus but I just can’t wait! I’m so thrilled I need to share. I suffer from kidney disease(igA neuropathy), chronic high blood pressure, PCOS and psoriasis. In the first 30 days on Plexus, I have lost 6.5 lbs and 23.5 inches! I did not go to the gym once! I can’t believe it!
I  take the Slim drink, ProBio5, BioCleanse and XFactor. I have suffered for years with insomnia and I sleep incredibly well now. Less high blood pressure symptoms and my hand swelling disappeared on my first day of Xfactor! PTL.
I am now off one of my high blood pressure meds and look forward to dropping another one at the end of the month! I am excited to see my doctor’s face when my labs come through! Thanks to Nicole Barker for bringing it to me! This is just the beginning…

Justin F. said in LESS than a month on the Plexus Products, he has been able to cut the amount of Rx meds he’s been taking from back surgery, diabetes and high blood pressure to Less than HALF!

Ever Heard of Plexus Slim? As of a month ago, I hadn’t heard of this product either.
Now, I am a believer and am here to share my testimony so that others might benefit from it. I’ve had three back surgeries in less than a year, I now need an operation similar to brain surgery to repair my neck, I have diabetes, high blood pressure, and a multitude of other ailments. There were days when I was unable to get out of bed, days where I could not walk or move without extreme pain. On my worst days not only was my pain so severe but my sugar levels would skyrocket out of control. Plexus was introduced to me and after being very hesitant I decided to give it a try. After one month I have lost 21.4 pounds, 24 inches overall, and most importantly I am able to move with less pain, I am full of energy and my glucose levels are finally under control. I am seeing numbers on my blood glucose meter and on the scale that I haven’t seen in over 5 years!! No I am not cured. I still have days where my back is debilitating; however, with the slim, accelerator, and the fast relief nerve regrowth products I am losing pounds, inches, and have reduced the number of medications from 16 to 7. No, I cannot guarantee that this product will cure your medical ailments but what do you have to lose? With a 60 day money back guarantee you have nothing but pounds to lose and health to gain.

Michael T. Shares: No More Meds! A1C Level, Cholesterol and Blood Pressure are ALL Perfect:

Mike went to his quarterly doctor checkup yesterday and the doctor was shocked when he came in to see him. He has had the same doctor for many years. Not only has he lost 30 plus lbs in just over 2 months his A1C level is perfect. His cholesterol is perfect and his BP is perfect. Hasn’t seen these levels in years. No more high blood pressure symptoms and no more meds!!! The doctor said he’s never heard about Plexus but is fixing to do some research on it! Doc told him just to keep in doing what he’s been doing because its working! Way to GO Mike!

 Jess B.- I started my Plexus journey on Oct. 17th 2012 as just a customer and wanted to lose a few lbs. I have tried EVERYTHING to lose weight since I had my first child at age 21 and gained 75 lbs with him and lost some of it then had my second child when I was 25 and gained 60lbs with her. I was up to 220 lbs even a year after I had my last, I tried everything to lose it even starving myself and exercising. No energy that way and GAINED weight. I began Plexus/Accelerator, my first week I lost 8 lbs! I WAS HOOKED! Why? Because IT WORKED! Nothing else did. When I weighted myself on day 30, I was down another 24 lbs! I could NOT BELIEVE IT! I felt AMAZING!! On Nov. 28th I became an ambassador. Since I started plexus I no longer need ANY  high blood pressure meds, NO MORE high blood pressure symptoms of daily headaches and no more migraines all the time. the headaches took a HUGE toll on me and I don’t have them anymore. I am now down 72 lbs and weigh 158 lbs with a BMI of 23. My ideal weight is 146 and a BMI of 22. I am almost there and Plexus Slim WILL get me there!!

Just wanted to share my own personal little testimony. My dad is a paraplegic that suffers with lots of pain, pins & needle sensations in his legs, depression, he is a diabetic, and has high blood pressure symptoms and he is obese. He is bed bound. I began to tell him how much plexus has been helping me mentally, weight wise, and physically pain wise. He was very interested and went all in and purchased not only the weight loss products but the detoxifying products and pain and nerve health products. He has been on them 3 days. His high blood pressure symptoms has been great! His blood sugar is normal, and when I spoke with him the last two days I noticed a change in his mood. So I asked him how he feels and he said “April I can’t explain it! I feel amazing, I feel rejuvenated and it doesn’t feel like my legs are on fire anymore!” I can’t express how this brightened my day. These are issues that I have faced personally with him for the last six years. I have watched him suffer for so long. I have been praying for relief for him and I feel that my prayers are being answered. I am praying that he continues to get these results or better! I am so grateful I found these and that my dad had an open mind and gave it a try. I can’t wait to go and take his measurements next Sunday! This made my day. I have not seen his spirits so high in a very very long time!!

Deborah M.-I was on high blood pressure med with a beta blocker & COPD meds & took the Plexus Slim Accelerator, I never had any problems & now my high blood pressures symptoms have eased and I’m on no meds at all.



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