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Becky E.:
Before Plexus Slim, I had suffered with Fibromyalgia for over 20 years and I have fought chronic pain and fatigue and depression because of it. I was on medications such as Flexeril, Mobic, Restoril, Cymbalta, 2 different hormones, Allegra for allergies, prescription strength Prilosec, and Lopressor for high blood pressure. I started my Plexus journey on July 5th 2013. I started with Plexus Slim and 1 Accelerator, and eventually started taking 2. I also do as you are supposed to—I drink lots of water. Before the first month of my Plexus journey was over, I was already coming off my medications. Well I am proud to say that due to this awesome product I no longer take anything but the Cymbalta. Allergies – better, chronic pain -much much much better, fatigue – much much better. Inflammation extremely better. Now I take our pain reliever only as I need it. I no longer crave cokes and sweets either. I do not like diet drinks and only drink coke classic. I use to drink 4 or 5 a day. Now 3 or 4 a week. I just don’t want them anymore. I want my Plexus and I want water, and I was not a water drinker before. Oh, did I mentioned I also have dropped 23 lbs so far? When a product has helped someone as much as it has helped me, you have to make sure others know about it. Today is Oct. 26 and I have been at a stand still as far as losing weight this month. So I stopped the accelerator for a week and started the Bio-Cleanse. I dropped 3 more pounds in a week with BioCleanse. I start back on the Accelerator Monday.

Angela B.- After I added the ProBio5 I was pain free…I was on the pink drink for about 3 weeks and then added 2 ProBio5 at bedtime…It was a total of about 30 days and I was sleeping all night and no more pain! ~That was a little over 2 years ago and I haven’t had pain from Fibromyalgia or Osteoarthritis since! !


Paula H.- I have been on the products for 2 months. My weight loss has been slow, but it has taken my fibro pain away entirely!!! I have been taking the Slim/Accelerator, X-Factor and BioCleanse. I will be adding the ProBio5 this month! I will stay on Plexus Slim simply for the reason that it has done what no other could do and that is rid me of my Fibromyalgia pain!!! Good Luck and God Bless!

Kristy V.- I have Fibromyalgia and a form of Lupus with a wonderful side of IBS. I have noticed a significant decrease in pain & have been able to be alot more active than I have been in years with just a little soreness.

Shawna R.- I have had Fibromyalgia since 2005. After starting Plexus 5 weeks ago, I have only had one flare up and more energy than I’ve ever had. I take Plexus, Accelerator, X-Factor, BioCleanse, and ProBio5. I love these miracle products!
Maria T.- My husband is on the Accelerator with blood pressure meds… I have Fibromyalgia and have less pain, almost gone! With Plexus, it is about health, just not weight loss!

Luisa S.-I do have Fibromyalgia, or should I say, used to….Since I started my Plexus journey on Sept 21st, my life has changed. No more fibro pain, my energy level is incredible, and yes, I am also losing weight. Thank you God, and Thank you Plexus. I am taking two BioCleanse first thing in the morning, One Accelerator and the Pink Drink, after breakfast, and three ProBio5 before I got to bed. I was really, really in a bad shape, before I started my journey with Plexus.I was tired all the time, lacked energy, depressed, irritable, all of my body was in chronic pain, day and night, some days with fever, acid reflux, brain fog, my joints, my hips, and knees swollen. Today is a new day!! I have been pain free for over 6 weeks. My mood has change, I have energy, I can play with my grandsugars and hold them with out any pain! I am eating better, sleeping so well. I have HOPE and dreams all over again.


Karmen C.- I’m a rheumatology nurse & I have Fibromyalgia. It was so debilitating…pain ALL the time everywhere, exhaustion, digestive problems. I have been on the Slim & Accelerator for 12 days, & I am fibro -pain free!! I have SO much energy, clarity, flexibilty that I’m in shock! These products are the real deal. I am now weaning off my fibro meds. So far so good!

Donna P.- My sister, Terri Lynn Whelan Sigley, has Fibromyalgia and this has changed her life dramatically!

Myra Johnson- You can see my post about about status epilepsy because I have that too. I do have Fibromyalgia. When I had flare ups I could not get out of bed, the pain was so severe. The headaches would just floor me. Since starting Plexus the end of Sept., I have NOT had a flare up at all. I have not had one day of debilitating pain. I believe that fibro sufferers are low on magnesium, at least from the studies I have read. I have only had one headache since starting Plexus and that was due to a sinus infection; not a migraine. I love Plexus.
Angela C.- Just so you know the pink drink does not contain magnesium or B6, but the accelerator pill contains both. Also, the BioCleanse contains Magnesium and the ProBio5 has B6 in it…I have heard studies that all pain in the body is due to inflammation…The Plexus Slim has all natural ingredients that help to reduce inflammation…So many people that struggle with chronic pain are getting relief from their pink drink…The added support products help to get the body in balance and healthy front the inside out!

Barbara P.- Totally helped my Fibromyalgia! I was in to see my doctor and she tested my trigger points. I used to jump off of the table and this time I did not even flinch…nothing!

Fawn M. at the Young age of 28 Has ALL These Health Issues:
Severe Back/Neck Pain, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Tendinitis, Bipolar, Manic Depression, Anxiety, Acid Reflux, Epilepsy…She Said Plexus Has Helped in Only 3 Weeks!
    I have been on Plexus Slim/Accelerator, BioCleanse, and ProBio5 for 3 weeks. To date I have lost 15lbs and 8″!!! I am very excited and so thankful to have found Plexus! I have severe back/neck pains, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Tendinitis, Bipolar, Manic Depression, Anxiety, Acid Reflux, Epilepsy, and I won my battle against CANCER!  I have been in a few bad car accidents, and all the above issues have destroyed my immune system and body. Since being on Plexus, I am feeling so much better and its only been 3 weeks. My anxiety seems to have gone and my bipolar/depression symptoms seem to have calmed and regulated. I also take the FAST RELIEF pills and I am starting to really notice a change in my arthritic chronic pain. I am a 28-yr- old mother of 2 young children, who works 56 hours each week and I feel more energized and younger than I did when I was 20! THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!!! Can’t wait for my goal weight loss of 70lbs. Starting weight 250lbs…3 weeks in and I’m at 235lbs. I am also a large frame and 5’11.

Diana P. Shares How Cortisone Shots, Humira Injections and Muscle Relaxers Didn’t Help with the Pain and Inflammation…The Only Thing That Helped, All Natural Plexus!
“I am Finally Coming Back to Life”: Ok well I want everyone to understand my Excitement and Joy!! Thirty-three years ago I was diagnosed as a type 1 insulin dependent diabetic. I had done really well with very few side effects from the diabetes. Then four years ago, I was struck by a horrible illness that to this day still remains un-diagnosed. I’m only 50 years old and I am not ready to die yet. I have a lot of life left still inside me. I started my journey with Plexus Slim. I started to feel a little better just two days into taking it. After a week I signed up as an ambassador so that I could receive wholesale pricing. This product had worked so well for me that I knew I needed the wholesale pricing. In one week I lost 5 lbs., I had energy, my blood sugars were dropping and I had to lower my insulin dosage, and my anxiety was beginning to slip away. Week two I lost another 5 lbs, and I received my new welcome package with one month supply of Plexus Slim, Accelerator, Bio Cleanse, Pro Bio 5, Fast Relief Full Body Relief and Fast Relief Nerve Health Support. My anxiety was almost non-existent, and I started to smile again. It had been a long time since I had really smiled. The depression was no longer an issue. My insulin dosage has gone from 50 units per day down to 20 units per day. I am finally coming back to LIFE. As long as I have Plexus Slim in my life I am cured. There are no side affects with Plexus Slim which is one of the biggest reasons I chose it. I don’t want medications, chemicals or side affects to anything I take. I will get my blood work done in July or August and then I hope to be off of my cholesterol medication, thyroid medication, anxiety medication, and already off the muscle relaxers. Stay healthy, Live longer and drink pink!

Alishia R. Tells How Plexus Has Helped her Mom who Suffered Day and Night with Fibromyalgia, Degenerative Disc, and Lupus…With Plexus She’s Off ALL her Rx Meds:
    Just got off the phone with my mom. Sis very outgoing, bubbly and would do anything for anyone. She suffers day and night with fibro, degenerative disc disease, and Lupus! She’s a sugar addict which only contributes to the chronic pain and inflammation in her body. Until lately there has been no relief. She’s been to doctor after doctor and even to the Mayo Clinic. I convinced her to give Plexus a try. She’s on the Plexus Slim, Accelerator, and Fast Relief Nerve Health. She reported to me this morning and I heard life in her voice again. She feels so much better. She is sleeping through the night and does not need pain meds!!!! And the Slim has cured her cravings for sugar. She doesn’t even want it. The only side effect is she’s lost 10 lbs without even trying. The last 10 pounds she needed to lose. What an answer to prayer. I am just beside myself seeing what Plexus Slim is doing for my Fibromyalgia and chronic pain, and for my family.

Depending on your own system’s bio-chemistry, which of the Plexus Products to use is always going to be a challenge. I suggest starting with the Plexus Slim pink drink, since it is easy to take, and is an over-all detoxifier. If you wish for a one-two knock-out punch, then adding either ProBio5 or BioCleanse to your regimen is recommended.

One of Plexus’ newer products is the Fast Relief Nerve Health Support. If you specifically suffer from chronic pain, this product has the ability to  heal nerve damage. Please understand that in most cases, for this healing to occur, you will have to commit to taking the product for 3-6 months.  It has great potential for fibro and chronic pain sufferers.

Fibromyalgia Nutrition: Vitamins and Minerals are Critical

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