I’ve had Asthma all my life and been on Plexus Slim since August 12, 2013 and have not had to use my puffer but once. But I had bronchitis. I think its great! Sometimes I feel like I’m about to have anattack about an hour after I take the Accelerator but then it goes away.


Anon: For the first time in a long time, I’m able to walk distances and up or down stairs at a fast pace and no shortness of breath or wheezing!! Prior to Plexus Slim, I couldn’t even do short distances! My sisters and daughters are so amazed that I’m not walking hunched over anymore too! The only answer I know is I started taking Plexus Slim on 9/6/13 and have had amazing results with all of my health issues!! Asthma, insomnia, lower back pain, knee pain, migraines and I probably left a few out!! 


My husband has Asthma and hasn’t had any issues with the Plexus Slim Accelerator or XFactor.


When I use the Plexus Slim with the Accelerator, my Asthma never seems like it goes away. I had to use the puffer since stopping the pink drink though.


Tracy H.– will tell you that the BioCleanse has helped her with her Asthma.


I have sever Asthma and on the days I take the BioCleanse I am much better and rarely use my inhalant.


My daughter has not had an Asthma attack since she started.


I have asthma and take the Plexus Slim with Accelerator and Bio Cleanse. I haven’t had any issues.


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