Angela A.- I started Plexus Slim a little over 2 years ago and I haven’t had pain from Fibromyalgia or Osteo arthritis since! ! After I had added the ProBio5 I was pain free…I was on the pink drink for about 3 weeks and then added 2 ProBio5 at bedtime…It was a total of about 30 days and I was sleeping all night and no more pain!

Name withheld-I was ONLY wanting to lose weight. Boy, did I get a surprise! Headaches, high blood pressure, seizures, anxiety, mood swings, osteo arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression, bad knees, and too much to remember right now, all GONE! Oh, and over 40 lbs of fat! No more meds, I now take all my Plexus Slim Products FAITHFULLY! It’s all I need to keep from being on all those meds that just kept me sick!

M. Penton: I have a chipped bone in one knee and a torn meniscus in the other. I would normally have some kind of knee pain at least once a week. My first month on Plexus Slim, I only took the drink and found my pain was at least cut in half. Now my 2nd month I’ve added Plexus Slim Accelerator and ProBio5. Noticed even less pain!


Angie M.: Probio5 and Fast Relief have the most for anti-inflammatories, although Plexus Slim works great too. I have arthritis in my whole body. I have broken both feet and wore boots on both, my feet, knees, hips, neck, hands.  You should have seen me before Plexus Slim, I looked like someone beat me with an invisible stick. Now I can squat down to retrieve something from the floor, and the noises my body makes don’t make me cringe in pain.. wheew! Thanks to Plexus!

This is my personal testimony for my Plexus Slim Journey which began on October 3, In 2012.1990, I was diagnosed with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. The treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis can be very brutal with terrifying side affects. In 2007 my index finger “froze” & was very painful & was diagnosed with Fibramyalgia. That is when they started me on shots & later changed me to the infusions for Rheumatoid Arthritis. This is where you spend anywhere from 2-4 hours hooked up to an IV pumping this poison into your system. I say poison because one of the potential side affects is cancer. This scared me but the daily pain I was in scared me worse. The results were okay but every 4-6 wks I would go for these treatments & every time I would have some sort of reaction, ranging from mild flu like symptoms to feeling like I had been run over by a big truck. Nausea was typical every treatment. Depression was a big part of my life during this time. I was on 28 different prescriptions at this point. The pain never really went away & every morning I would wake up dreading moving because of the pain & stiffness.
On October 3, 2012, I began my Plexus Journey. From the very beginning, I was amazed at how this little pink drink made me feel. I lost 20 lbs within 3 months & didn’t change my eating habits other than I had very little desire for my Vanilla Cokes, which was always a must have for me. Now 14 1/2 mo. later, I am down 55 lbs , gone from a size 22 to 12-14, but best of all, am mostly pain free. I have no more morning pain & stiffness so no more dreading waking up in the morning & am only on ONE prescription. I still have a ways to go for the weight lose & I know with this amazing product, I will reach my goal.
I take the Plexus Slim, 2 Accelerators, 4 ProBio5, 2 BioCleanse, 2 Fast Relief Full Body Pain Relief, & 2 XFactors.
Rheumatoid Arthritis & Fibramyalgia took away my quality of life but Plexus Slim gave it back to me.

Sherri C.- Plexus Slim has really changed my life! I have more energy. I have arthritis in my knees that I couldn’t bend down on them, and I can now without it hurting so bad. My work performance at work has improved, my attitude has improved! I told my doctor, if I could just get through one day with not hurting that would be awesome, and now I can do that with Plexus! Loving life once again! I have been on this for 5 weeks now and have lost 27 lbs. I went from 202 lbs. to 175 lbs. and a size 18 to a size 14! I drink my Plexus Slim every morning with 1 Accelerator, and every other day with 2 Accelerator. I am so happy that I was introduced  to this! I just want to share it with the world!!

In ONLY 60 Days Fran L. is Out of Pain From Osteoarthritis, and Spinal Stenosis…She’s Sleeping All Night, No More Hot Flashes, and She’s OFF ALL Rx Meds! ~Fran is Taking ALL NATURAL Plexus Instead!
I’ve been taking Plexus Slim and accelerator for 60 days and just recently started Pro Bio 5. I have osteoarthritis in my lower back, mid back and neck and had also been diagnosed with spinal stenosis in 2005. I used to not be able to get to sleep at night because of tossing and turning and restless legs. I have now stopped taking all of my pain meds and can finally get to sleep now! I am able to be more active, not having to stop and sit for a while to give my back a break while doing dishes or during any other kind of “standing” activity. I used to be able to only stand for 10 – 15 minutes at a time, and that has been extended greatly. God bless Plexus!! Oh, I forgot to mention that I would only sleep an hour or two at a time and wake up because of the pain before Plexus, literally having to roll myself out of bed in the morning. NO MORE!! And hot flashes……now I say, what hot flashes??


LaDonna M. Shares How She Was on 6-8 Pain Pills a Day for Rheumatoid Arthritis…ONLY 3 days on Plexus Slim, She Woke Up With No Pain and by the End of 6 weeks OFF All Pain Meds!
    I had severe Rheumatoid Arthritis FOR 8.5 years before Plexus Slim and it started about 13 years ago… I took 6-8 pain pills a day… Still had varying degrees of pain from I can function with this pain to I’m in the bed with this pain… Prayed for God to take me home MANY DAYS AND NIGHTS…. third day on Plexus I woke up with no pain… For those of you who don’t know, waking up with Rheumatoid Arthritis is the worst part of the day…. By the end of six weeks I was completely off all pain meds… Started out with slim and accelerator. 

Lisa C. Said She NO Longer Takes Any Meds for Rheumatoid Artritis…NOT Even an Ibuprofen!
Here it is! My Plexus Slim Testimony. I still have a ways to go but am excited about the results so far. After the death of my mother in law and then my oldest son, food became an emotional resolution for me. Thanks to Plexus Slim, that has changed! I now control my food instead of it controlling me. I have lost many pounds and several inches. I am down 4 pants sizes and 3 shirt sizes. The most incredible change for me has been with the health results. I no longer take ANY medications for rheumatoid artritis! Not even an Ibuprofen and I was on methetrexate (chemo type drug) and several other medications to counter those side effects. And now… NONE! No joint swelling, no pain, no fluid retention! Love my PINK DRINK!

Tammy M.- After Years of Having Rheumatoid Arthritis She Would Ask God to Give Her One Day Where She Could Feel Good…God Answered Her Prayers and then Some, She Now Has Great DAYS With the Help of Plexus…Her Husband Who Also Has Rheumatoid Arthritis Canceled His Appt. to Have Shots for Pain…No Need With Plexus Slim!

I am have Rheumatoid Artritis and I have been using the Fast Relief cream and the capsules. The products really do help. Along with the Plexus Slim and accelerator, I have more energy. This is the best I have felt in years, I feel blessed to be having so many great days. The last month and a half is how long I have been on the products, and they truly do work. I believe in the product. My husband also has Rheumatoid Artritis. He had an appointment with a rheumatologist to have shots put in his feet and arms because of the pain. He has been drinking just the Pink Drink and using the Fast Relief products and canceled his appt. that takes months to get in to see. He is amazed at the products, so much so, he became my first ambassador just so he could stay on them.
Annette G.- My mom is 78 years old Sieglinde G. She is battling COPD & has various other medical challenges. She is on pretty much all of the products minus Slim & Accelerator (she cannot afford all of them but she would actually take them all… LOL!). She takes the BioCleanse 3x per day b/c it helps her with her digestion (she used to be hooked on laxatives & the BioCleanse oxygenates her body with her COPD & keeps her regular). She takes 1-2 ProBio 5 at night to maintain a healthy immune system & digestive system. She also takes the Fast Relief capsules to help her with her arthritis symptoms & takes up to 6 capsules products work!” She also says she has not felt this well in a per day depending on how much pain she feels. (Incidentally, the Fast Relief also helps with the inflammation of her lungs due to the COPD) She also uses the Fast Relief Cream as an “inhaler” in addition to the Rx inhalers she is prescribed. She squirts it into her hand and inhales the menthol, which she says helps her a lot. She then rubs the cream on her knees for artritis pain relief. She also takes the X-Factor as her mineral & vitamin supplement. She recently started on the Nerve Health Support to see whether or not she will see improvements with her Benign Peripheral Tremors. My mom is a VERY skeptical person and she says verbatim “I know you will make it in this business because these long time. Granted, she has her physical ups and downs & challenges which are to be expected at her age. Additionally, I had gone with her to her Primary Care Physician appoint for her artritis, and 2 of her nurse practitioners reviewed the Plexus Slim Products she’s on and they had no objections, on the contrary they were supportive of what I had her on.


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