Harley P.- Let me tell you about Plexus and that I  have suffered from that-and-that allergy and allergies,  in which I’m supposed to carry an epi pen! I an allergic to basically everything and almost all the foods I’ve been tested for! Suffering with that you’re whole life is more than most can handle and that in itself has been devastating to me my whole life! I have suffered with hypoglycemia since childhood and guess what? With Plexus Slim, it’s GONE! And on top of all of that, chronic fatigue! This is my 4 month update: my pain medicine intake is cut in half from where I started. My anxiety medication is used as needed instead of twice a day! My allergy medicine is used as needed and I did allergy testing yesterday and all my food allergies are gone, which I had allergies to corn, wheat, soy, potato, and pinto beans, but no more! My fingernails are grown out and the only time that has happened was when I was pregnant! I have maintained my weight loss and still eat whatever I want! My energy level is great! I’ve gained my ability to drive again and hold my 9 month old nephew who I couldn’t hold when he was newborn! There are just so many little things that are probably insignificant to others that mean the world to me! I basically take the whole system excluding the accelerator. My main concern at this point is to continue to beat my fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and other health issues that have debilitated me, and I can honestly say that the Plexus Slim system as a whole has given my life back! Marla M.- My personnel testimony: I’m almost 35, mother of 4, 4’10”. On November 1, 2013 I began to get serious about my Plexus Slim life. I didn’t take my measurements but I know I was pudgy, out of shape, tired, always felt bloated, poor eating habits, seasonal allergy /animal allergies, weighing 112lbs. From day 1 I began to have more than enough energy to get through the entire day, my eating habits drastically changed for the best…I even craved healthy meals at appropriate times and quantities, my allergies have not been a concern for me, my clothes are fitting better (I’ve only put on this weight in the last year). Today I couldn’t resist weighing myself….I’m down to 108!!!! I’m drinking the slim plus taking 1 accelerator a day for 6 days with Sunday off. Today is my first Sunday off. Thank you my sister from another family friend for bringing Plexus Slim to my world!!!


M. Christina- Thank you Plexus Slim! Not only was I able to lose weight and get healthy. but also have been able to get rid of horrible acne with bio cleanse and probio5. My allergies are non existent now and I am a happy person. I am no longer embarrassed to go out in public at all and don’t mind getting out of the house with no makeup. I love what Plexus has done for me and my family!! It took patience and lots of faith that Plexus Slim would work !! Please share my testimony. Plexus is not just another weight loss product.. Jodi H.- It’s also been discovered that I suffer from every allergy known to man, it seemed, which I developed as an adult– my allergist has been in business for more than 40 years and says I’m one of his top 5 worst cases! I’m even “moderately” allergic to the house in which we live! I have kept on fighting and am happy to say: I’m winning! Allergy shots, an integrated health care approach, and a positive (fighter’s) mentality have kept me in the game! The one battle I couldn’t win – no matter what I tried – was the battle of the weight. Even at 110 pounds overweight, I manage to keep my cholesterol low, my blood pressure at an amazing level, my heart healthy, and my body as fit as it can be – but the pounds kept piling on! Well, not anymore! I’ve been on Plexus Slim for 18 days and have lost over 7 pounds and over 9 inches!! I’m sleeping better than I have in years and the body-wide, debilitating pain is significantly reduced! I am so happy to be a part of this team and to be promoting this amazing product to others! So long allergy symptoms and I love my Plexus Slim!


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